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-ONE- 170G

-ONE- 170G

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The rumors are true, and the wait is over. We've been called crazy... too many times...

Why invest so much on a piece of equipment for a sport that is "dying"? "No one plays racquetball anymore" Lets put the truth out there, this has been one of the most challenging projects for Formulaflow, so let us tell you why....

Our company was founded for the love of the game.  Racquetball, the players and fans, have kepts us alive and have helped us grow. For the last 12 years we have been in an incredible relationship with the sport and it is time for us to step up to the plate and pay it back.

Racquetball is NOT dead. This game is still growing, maybe not so much in USA but definately in other parts of the world. Our mission is to keep those programs alive and exciting so that we don't see a downfall in the future. We are a young company with fresh, exciting ideas and recharged batteries. 

It takes a lot of power and speed to play Racquetball, and a new piece of equipment has been long overdue. The all-new -ONE- racquetball racquet has stood out as innovative, fresh piece of equipment that doesn't dissapoint. It's a powerhouse, durable and sleek design with the perfect handle.  

Designed with comfort and precision in mind, no other racquet compares. 

-ONE- is ready to take on any competition. 

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