Racquetball Bag

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The Racquetball Bag is here!

This bag was designed to be the ultimate racquetball bag. When deciding what type of bag the Racquetball player needs, we knew it needed to be different...

We focused on not having too many pockets.... let's be honest, how many times do you find yourself unloading your bag in the parking lot because you can't find your keys? Instead we created easily accesible pockets for every day use. We also focused on creating a bag that would be well padded all around to protect your gear- padding at the top, bottom, sides, inside and even the pockets. The bag features a shoe compartment – perfect for stashing away the dirty shoes at the end of the night! An eyewear compartment on top - perfect for your goggles, and sunglasses! Inside you can find a zippered pocket for valuables and and even mesh pocket for items such as socks and headbands. As if that wasn’t enough, it also includes a glove hanging strap on the outside of the bag so you never have to worry about keeping your gloves dry and organized. The outside side pockets provide easy access to small items such as keys or a wallet. The bag was also designed to accommodate up to 3 racquets on each side.